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A true professional and great guy to work with. Worked for many years together implementing and managing large and complex international insurance programs. Very result oriented and not scared to go the extra mile

Naam: Emilio Bamio

Bedrijf: ING Groep N.V.

Functie: Insurance Manager

GBC heeft diepgaande kennis op het gebied van internationale verzekeringsvraagstukken. Daarnaast is GBC proactief en zeer klantgericht. Ze doen net die extra stap en dat wordt door multinationals zeer gewaardeerd. Een goede, professionele en pragmatische partner die op internationaal verzekeringsgebied breed kan worden ingezet.

Naam: Eric de Bruin

Bedrijf: AIG

Functie: General Manager



It was more then my pleasure to work with Sander at AIG Insurance. Sander is a charismatic professional man with the full meaning of the word. He always goes the extra mile in everything he does. I have learned a lot from his experience and personality. He is a people manager with strong communication skills and wide horizon. He is simply a huge added value to every company and organization.

Naam: Gaydaa Alsael

Bedrijf: VWN

Functie: Teamleader

Sander is a true insurance professional with in depth knowledge on the implementing and servicing of multinational programs, both incoming and outgoing. Besides this he is able to provide good advice in respect of improving workflows and efficiency. I have also very much appreciated sparring with Sander on various other topics, such as team dynamics. Sander is able to get the job done in a minimum amount of time in a very focused way.  Last but not least it has been an absolute pleasure working with him.

Naam: Michel Mackaaij

Bedrijf: Chubb

Functie: Financial Lines Manager Benelux