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Multinational Insurance programs training


Target audience

Anyone operating in or dealing with the insurance industry on an international level.


Usefulness and Necessity

This course provides the audience:

  • An understanding of the international insurance industry
  • The basics of an international insurance program
  • Information on the do’s and dont’s when setting up an insurance program
  • Country facts on types of legislation
  • Insights on how to practically do business with foreign companies


Course contents

  • Definitions within the international insurance industry
  • Regulations insurers have to follow
  • Challenges for Multinational companies requiring an international cover
  • Setting up a so called Controlled Master Program
  • Types of cover
  • Country facts
  • International challenges
  • Practical exercise



The training will, depending on the requirements of the targeted audience range from 3  hours to a one day training. The training can take place at a suitable location desired by the customer.



In case you are interested to follow this training course, please do not hesitate to contact Global Balance to receive a quote.


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