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Cultural communication skills training


Target audience

Anyone, either private or on a business level, who wants to communicate or do business more effectively on an international level.


Usefulness and Necessity

This course provides the audience:

  • Guidance in the 6 principles of effective communication
  • Tools for a positive first impression
  • Advantages and disadvantages of personal communication
  • Tips in etiquette


Course contents

  • How to be effective in communication
  • What is your first impression and what you need to be aware of
  • The effect of your personality in communication
  • What are communication killers
  • Etiquette, what do foreign cultures expect from you
  • Cases of international expectations



The training will, depending on the requirements of the targeted audience and its interest range from 3  hours to a one day training. The training can take place at a suitable location desired by the customer.



In case you are interested to follow this training course, please do not hesitate to contact Global Balance to receive a quote.


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